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The CICADA Study

CICADA: Coronavirus Chronic Conditions and Disabilities Awareness Study

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The CICADA Study

We have explored the pandemic experiences of people with a long-term condition or disability from minority ethnic groups, with a focus on health and social care.

Many people from minoritised ethnic groups, especially those with underlying (chronic) conditions/disabilities, face barriers to accessing, networks of emotional and practical support, health and social care and vital ‘resources’, such as medicine and food.​ The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened their plight, and post-COVID syndrome has emerged in many of those who got COVID.

Our 18-month study has learned from the experiences of people with chronic conditions (including long covid) and disabilities who are from different ethnic minority groups. This is our official aim in doing this.

Our ultimate aim was to develop simple strategies, guidelines, recommendations and easily adopted actions and interventions to improve future experiences, health and wellbeing outcomes of these groups.  We are still working hard on this.  In 2022 we held an exciting theatre event to share some findings with members of the public. You can see a 5 minute version of this here  and a longer version here.  You can also read about it in our blog.

Our approach to the larger project has used various methods – surveys, interviews, workshops, literature review.

One of our outputs is a toolkit for other researchers working with participants from minority ethnicities who are living with long term health conditions. You can download this here.

We have some exciting data to share! We will be updating this shortly!

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