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Other outputs

We are aiming to shape health and social care provision and policy as a result  of the CICADA study and to disseminate findings beyond the academic arena. You can read more about some of our current activities below.

Working with policy makers, clinicians, social workers & community leaders to innovate change

In our co-create workshops we are taking the CICADA data and using innovative future orientated co-design tools we are working with key stakeholders to re-imagine the post-pandemic world - making recommendations for policy and intervention to improve health and social care.

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CICADA Stories: exploring lived experiences through the medium of theatre

We have worked with a group of amazing performers and writers to bring elements of our findings to a wider audience. CICADA Stories, an interactive theatre production was performed on 20th September at UCL's Bloomsbury theatre. The audience, members of the public, academics, healthcare workers and community leaders discussed the CICADA findings and what we can learn from these stories to improve health and social care for these vulnerable groups.  

Collaborating with third parties to support development of interventions and training

We are using the CICADA findings to work with a range of third parties to extend the impact of the findings. These initiatives include the development of specialist mental health & mindfulness support for people suffering from long-term fatigue from COVID or other conditions, and workshops for clinicians.

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