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We have surveyed over 4300 people at three time points. Roughly half are from minoritised ethnic groups, and roughly half are disabled or have a chronic condition.

We are exploring the survey respondents’ health, social networks (who they have contact with) and how these help or hinder them, ways they cope with pandemic changes and associated access to support, care and resources.

We will consider which factors affect this and patterns over time.

We are also undertaking analysis of data already collected for other surveys during the pandemic, from the Centre for Longitudinal Studies at UCL.

CICADA Interviews

With the help of our lay researcher team we have conducted over 230 qualitative interviews with people from all over the country. These have now been coded and we are developing our analysis.

Evidence synthesis

We are in the process of writing two reviews collating international evidence about vaccine views across people of different ethnicities and with different health conditions and disabilities.

CICADA Workshops

104 participants took part in a series of workshops to explore how things are changing for them as the pandemic eases. These took place online and face to face in London and Bradford.

We have held co-create workshops, where we are working with stakeholders, such as policymakers, charity leads and clinicians to explore the data to help reimagine health and social care interventions and guidance for the future.

Detailed findings updates

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