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Sharing methods and findings of the CICADA study

Several members of the CICADA team were invited to present at this years BSA Medical Sociology conference at Lancaster University.

The team presented methodological approaches as well as qualitative and quantitative findings. In the CICADA study we have used a range of participatory methods to engage migrant communities, capture unheard voices and understand how the study can help positively shape health and social care for these communities. Dr Amanda Moore gave a well received presentation explaining how we have worked with community co-researchers and how we have used futures-based co-design methods to work with a range of stakeholders to shape the study outputs for impact, both in the short and long-term. Qualitative findings were presented by Dr Kusha Anand and Professor Carol Rivas. Dr Anand shared her moving analysis of interviews with undocumented migrants, highlighting the poignant and difficult pandemic experiences resulting from having no recourse to public funds and lack of healthcare support. This subset of voices was then framed by Professor Rivas' account of findings from the wider data-set, explored using a Keyword In Context (KWIC) approach. Finally Dr Alison, Fang-Wei Wu's presentation explored some of the fascinating quantitative data from the CICADA three-wave survey, about her team's key findings about the role of community support in shaping well-being. These presentations can be viewed in the links below.

Changes in health and social support experiences for disabled people from minoritised ethnic groups over the last three years: findings from the CICADA study: KWIC analysis

Carol Rivas, Amanda Moore, Kusha Anand

Lancaster CR V1.0 11.9.22 (1) reordered v2
Download PDF • 11.00MB

Working with a range of under-served migrant communities and the iterative development of truly inclusive participatory methods as part of the CICADA study

Amanda Moore, Kusha Anand, Victoria Redclift, Carol Rivas

Lancaster AM V2.0 12.9.221
Download PDF • 26.90MB

The Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic Among Undocumented Migrants in the UK: findings from the CICADA study

Kusha Anand , Amanda Moore , Victoria Redclift, Carol Rivas

Lancaster KA V1.0 10.9.22
Download PDF • 3.03MB

Mental wellbeing and intersectionality of chronic health conditions and ethnicity after the COVID-19 pandemic​.

Alison Fang Wei Wu, Sevgi Aksoy, ​Carol Rivas, ​Ozan Aksoy

Lancaster AW V2.0 13.09.22
Download PDF • 7.47MB


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