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The practical challenges of intersectional research: Prof. Rivas lectures in Krakow

Carol was an invited speaker at the Intersectionality, Research, and Action International Summer School (IRAISS) in mid-July. This EU-funded summer school was held in the beautiful city of Krakow in Poland. The delegates were international scholars and activists from disciplines ranging from engineering to education, but all united by a commitment to intersectional research, theory, and practice.

Carol gave an interactive session on The Practical Challenges of Intersectionality as a Method and Analysis’.

She also gave the closing keynote lecture on "Advancing Intersectional Approaches for Social and Epistemic Justice, The View from Practice-Based Research”.

Her keynote mostly focused on CICADA; Carol discussed the importance of the CICADA approach in giving marginalised people a voice and a platform for change. She hopes that this will encourage others to do similar research; certainly, her lectures were welcomed by delegates for their practical focus.

The photos show the summer school team setting the room up for Carol’s keynote, and delegates listening to her lecture. Her keynote was in the prestigious Jagiellonian Hall, Collegium Maius, part of the oldest university in Poland and also a museum.


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