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Research workshops

We have completed our Phase I workshops and met with 108 study participants to understand how things have changed.

The CICADA study is being conducted longitudinally to explore how things are changes as we come out of the pandemic. In parallel with the three waves of the CICADA survey, we are conducting focus groups mid- and late 2022 to explore change in experiences compared to our earlier qualitative interviews. Participants described a continued frustration with accessing healthcare and the difficuly in managing challenging conditions - such as diabetes - that were diagnosed during lockdown with limited access to in person care; evolution is social networks that were brought together and offered vital pandemic support; and challenges with service withdrawal such as school taking back digital equipment provided to support children in families with limited resources.

"It's still hard to get an appointment you have to call at 8am, but there are that many people calling you are lucky if you get through. My son has to sometimes use the computer to make an appointment then the doctor calls you back after a couple of days. Thats how appointments are now over the telephone, I can't understand I have hospital appointments and I see the doctor there why are the Surgeries not open?"(Workshop participant)


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