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Co-Create workshops

We are starting our co create workshops - there is still space to join us on 15th July.

We are using creative co-design methods to work with stakeholders - such as clinicians, charity leads and policymakers - to consider how we may translate some of our findings into action and recommendations for health and social care in the future. Dr Alison Thomson, who is running these sessions, uses futures-based creative approaches in to support co-design.

'' 'future groups' is a reinterpretation of the recognised focus groups method directed towards exploring future alternatives through employing analogies and physical props to engage participants to speculate about future service interactions and health experiences." Dr Alison Thomson

In each of these groups we are looking at different parts of the data. Collectively, the sessions will help the research team and the service designers to shape health and social care in the future. We will use insights for the sessions to work iteratively with the team to develop ideas for intervention, policy, training initiatives and service provision. If you are a clinician, charity lead or policy maker and would like to be involved, please contact The next session is 15th July 2022.


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